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Two challenges amid the pandemic : Cardiovascular Diseases – Covid19

The article is written by Dr. Lanka Satyarama Krishna, MBBS,DNB,DM; Senior Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Aster Prime Hospital, Ameerpet, Hyderabad

While the plague is affecting more and more ordinary people, it is no longer a problem for those suffering from various chronic diseases. Among such people are those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases that require constant medical supervision. As such they need to consult doctors not only in times of emergency but also at regular intervals but it is not possible due to this epidemic. Among them, being in the high risk category of falling victim to Covid is becoming more dangerous. However, they have to come to the hospital in case of emergency. However, in case of an emergency, medical institutions need to ensure that you are completely safe and that you will receive the treatment you need without any hassle during their visit to the hospital. Only then do such patients come to the clinic without other fears.

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome -Coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) or a type of coronavirus called Covid 19 is becoming increasingly valuable worldwide. Many lives are being lost to this epidemic. During this time many new disorders are being observed in those who are struggling with the disease or recovering from it. Recognized as the most serious infectious disease, patients are known to suffer from a variety of severity.

It is important to instill confidence in times of epidemic

The message that hospitals need to give to those who suffer from cardiovascular disease is that you need to be confident that you will not have any problems with the hospital you want to visit, such as the emergency department or surgery performed by a doctor. That leaves a strong message that patients are ready to come if needed. Because the damage caused by a heart attack is greater than that of a covid. Also, timely treatment for a heart attack is essential.

Although telemedicine is very useful in this regard, it is not a substitute for the order in which doctors see the patient directly and examine themselves. Telemedicine is only a temporary measure taken to prevent unnecessary infection during this epidemic.

In this context, physicians and individuals engaged in medical services should take appropriate care and care for those who come to them in an emergency so that they do not become infected with the Covid epidemic when they come to the hospital or are being treated in the hospital.

Ownership of patients suffering from heart disease during the epidemic

Data so far suggest that people with heart disease, especially those with cardiovascular disease, are at increased risk of developing severe covid. In addition, the pandemic may delay or make it impossible for them to receive the emergency medicines and equipment they need.

The Scientific Committee of the World Heart Federation has recommended certain measures to provide patients with the necessary medical treatment and services to deal with such situations.

Especially among them
Covid 19 Patients should set up a special place in the emergency department for them when they come to the hospital to receive any service. Also, depending on the patient’s health condition and the severity of the disease, they should be treated in different wards.
In addition, patients with other disorders such as hypertension, diabetes, pre-existing cardiovascular or lung disease, kidney disease, and cancer should be identified and treated for those who are more susceptible to covid.
కా Cardiac labs and operating rooms used to treat patients with Covid 19 and non-Covid cardiology days should be kept in separate wards as well.

If such small steps are taken to the hospital, it is believed that they will not get covid and will get the treatment they need in the right way.

Cardiovascular Diseases and Covid19

The Covid pandemic is throwing new challenges to cardiologists. It is already known that those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases are in the high risk category for Covid. According to the World Heart Federation Scientific Committee, experts have found that the Covid virus causes a number of health problems, not just deaths but recovery. It has already come to the attention of medical experts that those who are being treated for covid and those who are recovering are at risk for heart disease, along with a variety of other cardiovascular diseases.

And there is no doubt that people with many cardiovascular diseases are having trouble with Covid. According to some research, people recovering from covid are more likely to have a stroke due to the formation of clots in their blood vessels. Although the cause is not clear, it is known that Covid suffers from certain types of cardiovascular disease. Early research has shown that covid can affect a patient’s heart rate or its function, or both.

Two challenges

World Heart Day 2020 is not only about raising awareness about heart disease issues but also about how to prevent Covid from getting infected.

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