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TDP to bring back defunct affiliated bodies in AP

Hyderabad: TDP in Andhra Pradesh plans to bring back its farmers and other affiliated organizations as part of efforts to recover from the huge losses suffered by the ruling YSRCP in the elections.


Chandra Babu Naidu said that many party workers at the grassroots level were also unhappy with some senior leaders. “In some constituencies at the local level, there have been complaints against some people about how leaders are functioning. So you have to pay attention to that as well. The upcoming review meeting in Vijayawada will be a major one where all our leaders, including MLAs and MPs, will be involved. ”

One reason the TDP wants to revive its affiliated unions is that it will need their support on issues such as the Amaravati capital city project – following the Centre’s withdrawal of its request after the World Bank withdrew $ 300 million The fate of the World Bank is not clear later. TDP is now trying to mobilize the farmers who left their land for the project and are worried about their future.


The TDP leader said, “The party’s overall performance in the 2019 elections will be reviewed. In the 2019 elections, the TDP won only 23 assembly seats out of 175 and just three Lok Sabha seats out of 25. The ruling YSRCP won 151 assembly constituencies. K. constituency and 22 parliamentary seats.


He said Naidu had always underestimated the TDP’s affiliated unions whenever he was in power and later hoped to work when he was in opposition. “There is also danger from BJP, which now considers TDP leaders and its cadre to be an easy election,” he said. Earlier, when TDP was back in power due to its strong cadre in 2014, they needed to discuss all this in their meeting, ”he said.


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