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Sale of Damaged Foodgrains

Foodgrains procured for Central Pool and available with the Food Corporation of India (FCI) are generally stored in a scientific manner in covered godowns. However, during peak procurement period, only wheat stocks are sometimes stored in Cover and Plinth (CAP) storage due to logistic constraints. No foodgrain procured for Central Pool are kept in the open by the FCI.

Damaged foodgrains available with FCI are sold through Tender Sale/Auction to only “Registered Parties” registered with FCI for purchase of damaged foodgrains for the purpose of manufacturing feed stocks.

State-wise details of damaged/non issuable foodgrains lying in godowns of FCI as on 01.01.2019 is at Annexure-I.

Steps taken by the Government to ensure safe storage of foodgrains is at Annexure-II.

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